About us

Wolfpack was made in December 2010 by Greed, Emma and MuivirT in a drunken haze after being annoyed at the rulebreaking in the Mount & Blade: Warband mod Full Invasion.

For a long time we only played Full Invasion, but we cleared the majority of the content fast and decided to become a competetive/social clan in Native.
After playing that for a while, we decided to join the European Native League (ENL).
You can find us on our server in Warband called Wolfpack_Den which is a public server open for everyone.

If you're interested in our clan,whether it's joining us, challenging us, or simply offering us your eternal soul, please contact us via contact@wolfpack-clan.com
You can also join our community group where we post when we stream, what we stream, and other events we do.
We also have a forum, which we use to discuss clan stuff but also to have fun, feel free to join and make a post!

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May 2015

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